7 thoughts on “Post-ERP Spiritual Growth

  1. Beautiful! I haven’t done formal ERP myself, but by the grace of God, helpful books, painful honesty with God, and not giving up (!), I can stand on the neck of OCD in victory and live a free and joyful life. You nailed it in your description. I like that you mention the desperation that you had before ERP and how it was good in a way. Even better though is seeking God because you love him and simply want to– not a do-or-die desperation but a godly, honest desire. Fear is a great motivator, truly, but it isn’t the basis of a healthy, thriving relationship like love is. I can testify that perfect love really does cast out all fear!

  2. I found you when an alumnus of U of NW gave me the article you wrote. It could have been written by me almost. God set me free in 2008 also, but I had ocd for over 30 years without realizing that’s what my problem was. I had only obsessions and no visible compulsions. I too am so thankful that my spirit was set free to really worship my Savior and this no longer rules my inner life. Thamks for speaking out for others who may be able to relate and get help.

  3. I can relate to this blog. I have struggled with OCD ever since I was a child and I am now in my 30’s. The OCD I have expreienced used to be more centred around harm obsessions. Recently, it has been attacking my spiritual life. I can testify, though, that Christ is setting me free from OCD (which I see as) bondage. The Holy Spirit is guiding me into all truth as He promises to do for all of those who trust in Christ as their Savior and Lord. I can especailly relate to what Jackie said about how God has used the valleys to grow her relationship with God; but, even more importantly, He show us, as we sincerely seek Him, that He wants us to experience Rest and Joy in His Presence. He is a God of Grace, not the god that OCD tries to make Him out to be – an angry, unforgiving tyrant.I pray that I, along with others who are in this battle with OCD (which I percieve as a part of our flesh), will grow to be more like Christ through trusting Him more and more each day!

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