Post-ERP Spiritual Growth

My ENTIRE LIFE changed in 2008 when I underwent ERP therapy to treat my OCD. Here are the changes to my spiritual life!


Flowers and the woman palm in the field. Lit evening sunI received these fantastic questions from a blog reader:

How has your faith grown since ERP? Have you found new ways to talk and relate to God now that you free from its influence?


Everything is different now.

I believe that my prayers are heard, that there is no glass ceiling over my head, preventing them from reaching God’s ear.

I walk in the lightness of freedom and not with the yoke of legalism.

I can picture Christ delighting in me and my work.

My new normal is feeling loved and accepted, redeemed and rescued.

I am anchored.

I can think about other worldviews without being triggered into a total meltdown.

My faith feels less about feelings and more about choice: I choose Christ and, better yet, he has chosen me.

Prayer feels more like a two-way conversation than just one-way pleading.

I experience God’s sense of humor more.


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