Three Endorsements

I wanted to share with you three services that I love– and if you think you might love them too, you can sign up through me! Thanks for bearing with me through this self-benefiting blog post– please know that if I didn’t really love these services, I wouldn’t throw them at ya!

1. Dropbox.

Dropbox has revolutionized my life. That probably sounds extreme, but it’s true! Dropbox works like a freakin’ wormhole between all my electronic devices. It installs a folder, and I can access anything in the folder anywhere else I’ve downloaded Dropbox– as well as online! I have it on my personal computer, my work computer, and my phone. No more worrying about Oh, that file is on my other device. I always have access to everything in that folder. In addition, I love saving my work to a cloud. It’s such a nice backup in case my hard-drive ever self-destructs. And you can get 2 GB of space for FREE. If you want to start a Dropbox account, sign up here (because then you and I will both get an extra 500 MB of space!).

2. Dollar Photo Club.

I want my blog to look as amazing as possible, and my creativity was really feeling squelched by having to search the Creative Commons images all the time (these images are free and available for use on blogs– there are varying levels of license which dictate how much freedom the poster has to alter the image). So, I decided to shell out the small fee of $10 a month to get 10 downloads each month that I can choose from among over 25 million images. This way I can always find something that fits my post perfectly– and I can modify it to add my post title, website, etc. I love it. Below are some of the images I’ve downloaded through Dollar Photo Club and modified over at PicMonkey (including some spoilers for some upcoming posts!). If you want to start your own account, sign up through me here (so I can earn commission!).

dollar photo club collage

3. Dollar Shave Club.

I hate buying razors. They’re expensive and a nuisance to purchase. I signed up with Dollar Shave Club, and now I have my blades delivered automatically once every other month (you can sign up for every month too, if you want), and the blades are inexpensive, awesome, and I don’t even have to think about it. There are three different kinds of blades to choose from. The most basic blade starts at just $1 (plus S&H) a month– though I’m a big-shot (ha!) and get the executive plan (4 cartridges of six-blade awesomeness every two months for just $9 [and that includes S&H]). If, like me, you hate the inconvenience and expense of buying razor blades, you can sign up through me here (and I earn dollars against my next payment to DSC!).

Thanks, guys. If you have questions about any of these, just ask!

Back to my regular blog topics on Thursday.

(Although, it’s not like I’ve never promoted stuff I really, really love before:

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