Sites & Services I Love, Part III

bloglovinbloglovin’ | Oh my goodness, I just adore this blog reader.  I load all the blogs I read into the site, and whenever I visit it, I has them all collected there for me.  No need for me to worry about ever missing a post again!  You can even create groups and sort the types of blogs you read.  I have groups for OCD, Writing & Literature, Faith & Culture, and Miscellaneous.  I feel so much more on top of things now that I’m using bloglovin!  I even added a bloglovin button to my own blog to make it easier for others to follow me that way.  (P.S. I tried to use Feedly, which a lot of sites are recommending as a replacement for Google Reader, but I thought it was difficult and unintuitive.)

OCD Network to Recovery | My blogging friend Janet at ocdtalk cooked up this ingenious plan to connect obsessive-compulsive sufferers with obsessive-compulsives who have successfully gone through treatment.  I love the idea, and I’m so proud of her for orchestrating this!  I got my first “assignment” just last week and had an amazing phone conversation with the mom of a sufferer.  I’m so excited to be a part of this network.

Google Backward Image Search | Did you know that when you’re on the Google Images page, you can click the little camera in the search bar to search by image (as opposed to searching with words)?  A little trick I learned from Catfish (thanks Ashley, haha!) that has proved handy.

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