Sites & Services I Love

Today I just wanted to highlight a few websites and products that I’m currently in love with.  Who knows– maybe one of them will be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Spotify | Available at for Facebook users in the US, this service has pretty much eliminated my need to purchase music anymore.  It’s like uncluttered, easy-to-use, ethical Napster (not to date myself with that reference!).  With Spotify, I have access to almost all of the world’s recorded music, and I can create playlists galore and explore all I want FOR FREE.  It makes finding new music fun instead of expensive or tedious.  And every time you listen to a song, money goes to the song’s rights-holder.

Fishpond | I happen to deeply enjoy several Australian authors, and I don’t always like to wait for the US release date (which is sometimes 6-9 months later than the Australian release date!).  At, I can order products from other countries and pay NO shipping costs!  Incredible, right?  Great for books and music not available (or not YET available) in the US.

Fotoflexer | Whenever I need to create or edit images for my blog, I use  It is very intuitive and easy to use and has a WIDE variety of available fonts.  It is not a perfect replacement of the now-defunct Picnik, but it’s pretty good!

Etsy | If I need to purchase a fun, one-of-a-kind gift, I immediately head to, do-not-pass-GO.  Right now I’m drooling over this purse, this tea towel, and these shoes.



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