Sites & Services I Love, Part II

dropbox1Dropbox | Free cloud storage and file synchronization between computers.  This is an absolutely brilliant tool for those of us who split our time between several computers!  Essentially, you download a Dropbox (which looks just like a normal computer file like, say, My Documents), and anything you save to your Dropbox saves to all your computers.  That means if I have a blog idea while I’m at work, I can quick record the idea in that document (which is now safely in my Dropbox file), and when I go home, the file is on my home laptop, updated and ready to go.  This is going to revolutionize my life.  You can get 2G of free space, but get this– you can earn extra space through referrals (brilliant marketing strategy!).  So … if you decide to download Dropbox, email me first, and I’ll refer you!  

Greenshot | This is a free capture tool which I use at work.  Instead of just using the “Print Screen” button, this tool lets you click/drag to select whatever you want to copy from your screen.  No more need for cropping!

NoiseTrade | Remember Napster?  This is better– and legal.  NoiseTrade offers free music downloads, and there is some amazing music on the site!  In exchange for your download, you give the artist your email address and zipcode, which is more-than-fair trade, in my opinion!  You can preview the music before you download it too.  I find something new on here every week! | At this site, you can send an email to yourself in the future.  I do it infrequently enough that I’m always surprised by the emails that come to my inbox from a year earlier, and it’s fascinating!  It’s so interesting to read your thoughts and goals from the past and compare them against what you’ve accomplished in the time since.  This site is especially valuable if you’re going through a learning experience that you need to remind yourself about later.  Plus, it’s so fun– and trippy!– to get an email from your past self.

5 thoughts on “Sites & Services I Love, Part II

  1. Thanks for these reviews! About DropBox–some of my co-workers use it to download video. Is it a way to backup what you’re writing, too? What different ways do you plan to use it?

    • Tina, I’ve been using it to backup my writing (in the past, I would email myself my draft EVERY SINGLE DAY)– and it makes it so much easier to go between my two computers! I just save it to my Dropbox and it’s there on my other computer. DELIGHTFUL. I LOVE IT.

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