… was a hard/stressful day and I agreed to see a therapist (but this time NOT for OCD– wow!).

BUT today was also really good in a couple of ways:

1) I re-took the MMPI last week (read here for my past blog about this test), and I went over the results at the doctor’s office today, and they were saying how HEALTHY my results were. I teared up there in his office and said, “You don’t know. I was a MESS. Praise God.” He said, “Good for you for working so hard and coming so far,” which showed me he completely missed my point. It wasn’t me. That’s for sure.

2) My writing group has a write-up on the NWC English department’s blog. Check it out!

One thing that would really be meaningful for me would be for you to post a comment saying that you read my blog.  I can see the analytics, and I know people are stopping by, but it all feels so anonymous, and I need some names and faces please.  I wish I could sit down and have hot cocoa with you blog readers.  With marshmallows.  Lots of them.

37 thoughts on “today

  1. Silly doctors; they miss the point a lot, don’t they? 🙂 Congrats on the awesome news, and keep blogging, even if people don’t comment. I really appreciate your posts!

  2. Do you know what an encouragement you are? You’ve faced incredibly hard battles, yet you’ve clung to God–and conquered. He’s your shield and strength, and as you share your journey, He uses you to strengthen us, too. Love you much 🙂

  3. I have so enjoyed reading your thoughts. You sharing your experiences, God’s work in your life, and your bravery have been very encouraging to me. Thank you!

  4. hey jack-a-jack. where am i going with this nickname? i don’t know.

    i heart you and your blog, and it is such a blessing that your MMPI test scores are healthy. (i almost wrote “normal” but then thought perhaps “normal” is a bit of a misnomer?) i’m so proud to be your friend.

  5. totally read your blog. And don’t fret my fine friend, I blog and have no followers! For me it is a good way to put thoughts on paper…the screen?

    And lets get coco/ tea sometime. We need to catch up on life again…always

  6. I’m reading! Right now I’m thinking a verses from the OT, but can’t think of it exactly. I’ll look it up and let you know later.

  7. I just discovered your blog, and I’m so impressed! You not only write very well, but you have a lot of insight. I suffered for years, too, without knowing that so many other people were dealing with the same thing. I will be reading your blog!

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