Awake My Soul

Caedmon’s Call lyrics from the song “Awake My Soul”:

I trust no other source or name
Nowhere else can I hide
This grace gives me fear,
and this grace draws me near
And all that it asks it provides

No one is good enough
To save himself
Awake my soul tonight
To boast nothing else

I wanted to take a time-out on this blog to give credit where credit is due for an amazing rescue from OCD: to Jesus Christ, my savior. OCD was an overwhelming enemy, far too much for me to ever conquer on my own, but my God was able to deliver me from its bondage. I boast in Christ alone.

Leave a comment: What has God rescued you from? What do you want to be rescued from?

2 thoughts on “Awake My Soul

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  2. God has rescued me from the stupid things I have done and tried to do. I want God to rescue me from the black hole of depression and anxity and little voices.

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