I’m obsessed with names.

Is that normal or weird?

I love to think about names, to generate names, to know their meanings and how they match up with a person’s personality.

My favorite names are rare but not necessarily unusual.  For example, the main characters in my novel are West, Silas, and Laurel.  No one can really argue that those names are “out there” (like Raven, Apple, Royale).  But at the same time, they’re not ultra-common.

I especially love short names.  One syllable, four letters = perfect.  The main character of my new story is Penn.





What are your favorite names?  Why?


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13 thoughts on “I’m obsessed with names.

  1. I LOVE names! I’ve had ongoing lists for YEARS, and we’re in good company, because I read that J.K. Rowling keeps a shoe box filled with unique/interesting names. Off the top of my head, I love Finn, Rogan, Emmeline, Avonlea, Wren… Totally naming my kids some combination of those! (It’s a good thing I write, because it would be physically impossible to produce as many children as I have names to use.)

  2. I have always loved names, until my husband and I have to decide on a name for our unborn child. It has been one of the most difficult processes for us. We are due in less than two weeks and we have yet to agree on a name. My favorite is Thoeden (from “Lord of the Rings” and the nickname would be Theo). My husband really likes the name Darwin. It’s so hard to decide knowing that you are naming a human, someone whose personality has yet to develop. It’s a hard decision!

  3. I totally love names too. There’s this great name website out there, if you haven’t discovered it yet, called namenerds.com. It’s so much fun! My favorites are always changing, which is why I love naming characters! Any time I create a character I get to come up with yet another name! I really like the names of your characters!

  4. Pendergast in one of my favorite names. It’s a last name, but I’m probably going to name my son Pendergast. When I write, however, I always test names by screaming them. There’s nothing worse than trying to write a dramatic/action heavy scene only to find that your protagonists name sounds silly when it gets shouted.

      • I picked it up after having to go through every page of a novella after writing the dramatic last scene and realizing that a major characters name just didn’t work when someone screamed it. Now when I try to come up with a name, I get that same feeling as locking keys in a car if I don’t scream it.

        Now that I think about it though, my real fascination is with namelessness. Both my published short stories feature major characters who are never named, and the novel I’m working on does the same. I think that it creates an interesting void which readers can fill with their own associations.

  5. I’m definitely partial to Biblical names and often enjoy combining them to convey distinct character blends. The main character in my “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” trilogy is named Steven Jacobson.

  6. I love names, too. When I was a child, I would pore over the list of names and their meanings in a big dictionary we had. I loved making up names for the “actors” (my dolls) in the stories I made up. I’m not writing fiction now, so I don’t get to name anyone. 😦

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