which view?

The last couple days have not been easy for me.  I have some big decisions ahead of me that are causing me HUGE stress, and I’d appreciate your prayers.  I am looking for wisdom– actually BEGGING God for wisdom, for direction.

When you look at this picture, what do you see?  Some people see an old woman, wrinkles around her eyes, wart on her nose, looking kind but maybe a little sad.  Some people see a young lady with a strong jawline and a necklace, looking into the distance.

I am trying to remember during this time of great upheaval in my life (I hope to share more details soon) that this scary, scary time might actually be a huge blessing, a time of positive change.  I am hoping that even though today my life looks like an old lady, soon I will look back on these days and realize they were young, vibrant, fresh, and beautiful.  It’s all perspective.

Still, I’d appreciate your prayers.  I feel heartsick and sad and lonely and distracted.  Very shaken and hurt and disappointed in myself and upset and humiliated.

Please, God, use this time to accomplish Your plans for me.

10 thoughts on “which view?

  1. Hugs to you for whatever it is that you’re going through.

    May I invite another perspective (and feel free to discard it if it doesn’t work for you)? I’d like you to consider the beauty of an old woman. Those wrinkles come from time, experience, and wisdom. Painful lessons and difficult decisions do that, too. Youth has its vibrance and beauty, true; but age and experience bring their own breathtaking loveliness as well.

    I’ve had some horrible upheavals in my lifetime, and I wouldn’t change any of it. I have some lines on my face and some sadness in my eyes, but the experiences that brought them have given me a great strength and the knowledge that I can face anything. I now have the energy and power to take more risks than I did in my youth. I waste fewer moments. I am deeply in love with life because of those harsh, difficult times, not in spite of them.

    May you find peace and clarity in this difficult time.

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