a room of one’s own

Have you read the book?  Virginia Woolf wrote a whole book (compiled, I think, from some lectures she gave) based on the premise that in order for a woman to write, she needed two things: 1) an incandescent mind (freedom from worrying about life) and 2) money (in other words, a room of one’s own).

My freshman year of college I wrote a research paper that violently argued against this idea– a very convincing and well-written paper, if I do say so myself.

Years later, I began to doubt myself and agree with old Virgie.  Man oh man, if only I had enough money so that I wouldn’t have to worry about how to support myself (how to pay rent, how to buy groceries, which career option is best, etc.), I think I would write SO WELL.

Anyway, this is my public apology to Virginia Woolf.  Although I still think she was wrong to attack Charlotte Bronte.

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