how CBT helps me to see clearly

OCD-related blogs I have been reading:

The other day, there was a post on Lolly’s Hope that seriously could have been written by me, only a couple years ago.  It told how she was nervous that she’d been rude to the secretary at the doctor’s office and was wondering if she should call back and apologize.  OCD induces such confessions and apologies that are not necessary, simply because the obsession causes such PANIC, and the confession/apology temporarily alleviates that panic.  Your heart will be racing, as well as your mind, believing that things must be solved NOW and that you are going to feel this terrible panicky sensation UNTIL things are solved.  That’s why most of us give in right away.  Heck, I’m the girl who emailed Caribou corporate because my barista gave me a 10-cent discount and I felt guilty as all get-out.  Ridiculous, right?


I’ve been reading things from people at all different stages– people who have never heard of CBT/ERP (cognitive-behavioral therapy/exposure and response prevention), people who are undergoing it now, and people like myself– who have gone through that hell, survived it, and are HAPPY on the other side!

I can see clearly now that I’ve undergone CBT.  I am a huge proponent of it as THE BEST TREATMENT THERE IS FOR OCD.  Yes, it is one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but God has given me my life back through it.  It was all worth it.  And the eyesight of my head and heart is 20/20 again!!!














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8 thoughts on “how CBT helps me to see clearly

  1. Yes, it is the best treatment and totally gives us our lives back, I totally agree. Thanks for the shout out, I hope others will come to my blog seeking clarity as I have a lot written about my excellent experiences with ERPT. That is a great picture, too!

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about ERPT. That is actually one of the main reasons I started blogging, because I could not believe how many OCD sufferers (and their therapists!)are not familiar with this therapy.

    ERPT literally saved my son’s life. He was so fortunate to have access to the right treatment and this is something that each and every person suffering from OCD deserves.

  3. I LOVE what you said about emailing Caribou. I remember not that long ago calling the JC Penney store manager because when I got home I realized they had undercharged me like 2 bucks or something. I have also at other times refused discounts from sales people because I had the feeling it wasn’t right. That sure generated some odd looks. The picture with the glasses is great too. Very accurate portrayal of recovery.

  4. Yes! ERP is the best treatment! I would say that I’m in the midst of it right now. It’s HARD! Harder on some days than others (if you read my current blog post). Thanks for the mention!! :o)

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