a memory

Highlight of today: watching several adults (including one senior citizen) ballroom dancing to “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha at the state fair.  Wow.  Just wow. 

Desiree and I spent a few hours working at the great Minnesota get-together this afternoon, manning the Northwestern College booth.  You really get the whole range of folks at the state fair.  My favorite visitor to our booth was a five-year-old girl genius (she could read and write at two!), with whom I discussed the American Girls and Little House on the Prairie books.  Gosh, I hope I have a brilliant baby someday.

A memory came to me while I was sitting in the education building.  Years ago, I wore my “Aslan is on the move” t-shirt (yes, I KNOW it’s nerdy … I can’t help it) to a coffeeshop.  The barista was a gorgeous boy who said, “Nice shirt.”  IT WAS NOT CONDESCENDING OR MEAN IN ANY WAY, and yet, when this hottie commented on it, I realized I was the biggest nerd in the room.  I was wearing a NARNIA shirt, for goodness sakes!  I was worse than a Trekkie.

And afterward I sat down at my table in Caribou with my drink, thinking, “If you are embarrassed to be wearing this shirt, then you are ashamed of it.  And if you’re ashamed of it, then you’re ashamed of Aslan.  And if you’re ashamed of Aslan, then you’re really ashamed of Jesus.”  Of course it became an obsession.  It was just the natural chain of events for about twenty years of my life.

But not anymore.  And tomorrow I am going to post about that.  Stay tuned!

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