I am just so tired. No, that’s the wrong word. I am well rested. I guess I’m exhausted… emotionally, mentally.

Online dating is a really great way to feel like a piece of meat. I’ve heard from about 300 guys just since the start of the year, and it’s mostly made me sad.

Writing is such a beautiful thing, and it is usually life-giving to me, but lately, it’s been a battle just to open up my manuscript.

My friends are incredible… but going through some very hard things. I want to support them well, but that takes energy too. 

I have zero dollars. Please save me, tax return.

All in all, life is so good, so lovely and exciting and challenging. I’m just exhausted, that’s all. 

Psychiatrist on Monday morning. I need to see if any part of this is chemical. 

How are you, lovelies? What are your best suggestions for free/cheap self care?

5 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Jackie,

    Sounds like you need to recharge your batteries. I would start by getting out of the house for the day. Just leave the housework, bills, and dishes behind for awhile. For me the beach is the best, or the woods, Go someplace where you can marvel at the Lord’s handiwork. Sometimes simply just going on a picnic and feeling the cool breeze in the shade while you have a picnic will do the trick. The best part is its free!

    Ask for online dating, hang in there. You may meet a lot of lemons before you find lemonade! You can be very successful in finding love online. That’s how the Lord brought my wife and I together. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me and we are perfect fit. My advice to you is just go slow and don’t settle until you find the person of your dreams.


  2. Sending love! So sorry to hear about all of this. Writing is hard. Online dating is REALLY HARD. I know for me it’s hard to figure out a balance between the two. Both date a lot of work and a lot of openness to rejection I guess.

    And it really does feel like everyone is going through really hard times right now. Baths are my go-to cheap self care with lots of epsom salts. Also hoping that some better weather will help me … I can’t imagine being in Minnesota right now. xoxo

  3. It’s a cold time of year for this…but I loved driving to Taylors Falls and walking through the woods (especially on the other side of the river). Phone comes with me (for safety) but stays in my pocket the whole time. Just me and the woods and silence and Jesus (and, sometimes, a friend).

  4. Any one of those things taken separately is overwhelming. To endure all of them at once is no picnic! One of the signs I’m depressed is when I start not singing along with music. On the flip side, when I do sing along, it can lift my mood. So can being stupid while over-tired with friends. And personally serving others. I spent so many years doing a ton of volunteer work behind the scenes, but actually seeing the effect you have on other people is both uplifting and humbling.
    In summary: music, laughter, and community service. It does seem like you spend a lot of time on others, at your job, writing your blog, so maybe volunteering at an animal shelter and walking the dogs or socializing the kittens would be more therapeutic.
    If you need cute puppy therapy, you’re always welcome to see my hypoallergenic fluff butt.

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