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this hair i can't evenAbout two weeks ago, I felt pretty confident that my life was in shambles, so I did what I do: I made a list. It was 22 items long. Today I crossed item #22 off the list. I am still a hot mess. Go figure.

Thankfully, item #22 was getting my tax refund, which came today. Now instead of being dirt-poor, I’m just regular-poor. 🙂

One of the things on my list was to ask my editor for a few extra weeks to work on my first draft (she agreed) and then to revise my word count strategy to get the draft done by the end of the month. So far I’m on track. In fact, all week I’ve been staying one day ahead of schedule, always allowing myself that extra space to skip writing for a night. Instead, I’ve kept plowing ahead. This weekend I need to tackle some of the harder parts of the novel, a couple scenes that need to be written for the very first time, and a storyline that I have very little clue what to do with. Oh man.

I was invited to a young adult book club in St. Cloud last weekend, and it was wonderful, and everyone there was so lovely and asked such thoughtful questions. I was there to talk about Truest and about writing, but I ended up talking a fair amount about OCD, which is, of course, all wrapped up in my story too. Ashleigh, one of the book club members, was kind enough to tag me in this beautiful blog post.

I’ve been searching for most of my adult life for the perfect lip color. If I showed you my lipstick/lip gloss accumulation, you’d think I’m so lame. Especially because what I learned was that I never keep my lips colored unless it’s something I can put on without a mirror. So– between finding the perfect color(s) and something that could be applied mirror-less– I struck out a lot over the years. But not anymore. I’ve found the most perfect solution (at least for me): Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. I use both Red Dahlia and Forest Flower (which … appears to be no longer available. WHAT IS THIS LIFE??? Are you kidding me? In my ANNOUNCEMENT of my perfect lip product, I find out it’s discontinued? The universe is cruel.).

I’m reading a book. It’s incredible. It’s so emotionally overwhelming that I can’t consume too much of it at a time or else I’d just binge-read it. Noggin by John Corey Whaley. I was fooled by its cover into assuming it was something else. But no. It is … so much. Maybe my favorite book I’ve read so far this year. I’m desperate for a happy ending and terrified I won’t get it. NO ONE SPOIL ME. Review will come soon … as soon as I can continue pressing my heart through this meat-grinder. Gosh, I love books.

What about you, folks? What are you reading these days? What are you buying? What are you doing for fun? Are you having to force yourself to be an adult the way I’ve been having to? What’s on your radar? Did your tax return save your life? I wanna hear from you.


12 thoughts on “Odds & Ends

  1. Our tax refund was pathetic this year, but we finally got several $K Uncle Sam had been owing us for two years. That’s “saved our life”!

    Adult crap: flooded basement, month 5 of seeking day jobs

    Currently reading meat grinders: CITIZEN by Claudia Rankine and ME BEFORE YOU by JoJo Meyes

  2. I too have been on the quest for the perfect lip color. I’ll have to give the tinted lip balm a try! I have in the past, but maybe I just didn’t get the right shade.

    I’m currently reading Graeme Simsion’s second novel, The Rosie Effect. His books are so lovely: hilarious, beautiful, witty, and filled with so much heart. Not to mention a killer voice. I’ve added Noggin to my list. Thanks for the rec!

    I’m cheering you on to finish your draft. So much respect for you Jackie. You can do it!

  3. I just finished a book about Crazy Horse and Red Cloud written by a Lakota author; he is also a Vietnam combat veteran, which gives him deep insights into both the culture and combat these two figures experienced.

    We bought a new dishwasher and stove. We installed them this weekend, and I have a decent cut on my elbow to prove we did it ourselves.

    For fun, I have been watching TV, writing on my blog, and we have been enjoying some bouts of unseasonably warm weather. For my blog, I wrote the second part of my musings on common elements in your writing: https://christianphysicist.polari.us/2016/03/19/common-elements-in-the-prose-of-jackie-lea-sommers-part-2-character-trios/ No Truest spoilers this time.

    Speaking of Truest, I wrote a small piece of fan fiction that may take an item off your bucket list: https://christianphysicist.polari.us/2016/01/01/the-meaning-of-her-name-sommers-fan-fiction/ The password is the last word of Truest.

    I have also become fascinated with the arrangement of stars on the US flag, currently and potentially in the future. I have been writing a program to generate flags with different designs for a given number of stars. You can see some of the results in the first link above.

    On my radar are proposal applications coming due at the end of the month and over the summer.

    We actually had to pay more rather than get a return. Oh, well, I realize I am still wealthier than probably 99% of this planet’s population, and I need to keep that in mind.

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