My Bucket List



bucket list jls

1. Fall in love with someone who loves me back.

2. Write books that matter.

3. Get a book deal with a major publisher. (Check!)

4. Be a homeowner. (Check!)

5. Visit Australia and England.

6. Be blurbed by John Green and Melina Marchetta.

7. Meet John Green and Melina Marchetta.

8. Have fan fiction written about my characters.

9. Be a commencement speaker.

10. Meet my Compassion kids.

11. Endow a scholarship.

(Plus one more writing-related one that is too personal and embarrassing to share because it’s even more absurd than being blurbed by John Green.)

What’s on your bucket list?

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6 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. weren’t you a commencement speaker at KHS Class of 2000 graduation?? 😉

    Also, I’ll go with to the phillipines!

  2. Given your previous (negative or ambiguous) comments about fan fiction, I am surprised to see Item 8. How did your thoughts progress to the point where it is on your bucket list? By *whom* would you want (or tolerate) to “have fan fiction written about” you characters? I ask because I have been tempted to write some, but I realize that may move this from your bucket list to your “be careful what you wish for” list.

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