Dear Diary: April 2015

two stacked Polaroid retro frames on wood textureApril. was. stressful.

I was on edge, completely frayed, so stressed that I made myself sick.

On my plate this month: closing on my new house (today! I’m a homeowner!), planning renovations, preparing to pack/move, preparing to teach a class on querying, completing the first draft of my next novel for my editor, and focusing on marketing for Truest.

Any one of those things alone is overwhelming. All of them together about collapsed me.

But I made it. Barely.

I decided to turn in my draft a little earlier and a lot messier than I wanted to. I did a practice run of my querying class so that I would have time to revise everything before the real thing. Over Easter weekend, my parents helped me figure out home insurance and pick out floors for my new place (they’re gorgeous). I set up an appointment with a contractor to come see the place. I created a street team for Truest. I created graphics and promo materials, purchased a few items, and packaged up incentives for the street team, and mailed them out. I also had four events for my recruiting job at the university.

I spent some time bawling to my therapist.

Today I closed on my house, bought paint, and then had the closest thing to an OCD attack that I’ve had in so very, very long. I’m sure I’ll be telling you more about it soon. I caved to a few compulsions, but I also asked my friend what she would do and decided to go with that, since I can’t really trust my own choices when I get this way. I’m starting to calm down and I’m catastrophizing less, but still– I think I’d almost forgotten what a huge OCD flare-up felt like. I am not grateful for the reminder.

Regardless, I own a home. MY OWN HOME! I can’t wait for it to all start coming together.

As you can see, it was a very productive month. Heaven knows I love productivity. But the stress was just through the roof, and I am so happy to watch April end.

May will be dedicated to renovating, packing, and moving, so things will be quieter here on the blog than they’ve been since early 2012! I still plan to post the winner of the Ultimate YA Book Boyfriend tourney, some Truest-related materials, a review of the books I read in May, my Poetry 2015 Campaign review, and photos of my new house (once everything is finished!). So maybe it won’t be as quiet on the blog as I think, haha!

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