Questions from Blog Readers

questions from blog readersWhy do your enjoy having your “heart pulverized” by books?
I don’t know. It seems masochistic, doesn’t it? I love the power of the written word, love the truths that fiction can expose us to without truly exposing us (Does that make sense to you? That makes sense to me.). I love the way that stories are dynamic, incredible things and the way that art– in any form– can make us feel alive.

What do you do when you aren’t writing?
I enjoy people and encourage them. I tell stories and jokes. I avoid cleaning. I waste time on social media. I make plans. I explore the Twin Cities. I recruit students to my university. I work on my blog. I read. I daydream about my characters.

How does faith intersect with your writing life, and what are your thoughts on “Christian” vs “non Christian” books when it comes to marketing in the pub industry?
If I think about a venn diagram where “my writing life” is one circle and “my faith” is another circle, it would look like two circles aligned directly on top of one another. Everything in my writing life (and all other areas of my life) is influenced by my Christian faith. My daily life (and the writing of my books) is done via continual conversation with my God.

Christian vs. non-Christian markets: I’m not entirely sure what I think. I knew that I wanted my book to not be labelled a “Christian” book because I felt like that would severely limit the audience that would pick it up. Also, when you see a book that is labelled “Christian,” you expect certain things from it, don’t you? And Truest is decidedly not a family-friendly, rainbows-and-kittens book. That said, it’s flabbergasting to me that “Christianity” could possibly mean “family friendly, rainbows-and-kittens.” The gospel itself is a story of mindblowing love, deep betrayal, and bloody, gruesome death– and also breathtaking victory. How in the world did “Christianity” come to mean anything else, anything so watered-down?

What is your favorite food?
Chocolate. Cheese. Chipotle. Really, anything that starts with ch. 😉

What is your favorite movie?
NewsiesThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Harry Potter III, VII, and VIII.

5 thoughts on “Questions from Blog Readers

  1. “It seems masochistic, doesn’t it?” At first blush, yes, but then I realize that it is probably really a sign of a durable psyche. Given all that you have withstood in your life, that is not a surprise. I guess that your durability allows you to handle (and even benefit from) the pain of repeated pulverizations from fiction. Others might not be able to handle all of that and so must limit their fictional intake so they have enough durability left for reality.

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