Dear Diary: February 2015

dear diary FEB 2015February’s a short month, it’s true, but WOW, can you pack a lot into 28 days!

I saw my galley pages and made corrections.

I started hand therapy (I have bad wrists).

I worked three out of four weekends in a row (okay, two were in January).

I had a couple rough days.

I explored the war monument near Shadow Falls in St. Paul and the mill ruins in Minneapolis in research for my WIP.

gold medal

Truest 3d jpgThe most exciting part of my month was, of course, the cover reveal of my debut novel, Truest. It’s gotten so much love, and I’m so glad you guys like it. I love it. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Jenna Stempel, the designer, hand-lettered the title and the chapter headings. This process has been very, very real to me for some time now, but I think, for many of my friends and family members, seeing the cover has finally made it real to them.

Thank you, everyone, for caring about my life, my book, … me. I feel really blessed to have the life I have, bad wrists, bad days, and all.


3 thoughts on “Dear Diary: February 2015

  1. 1. Stephanie
    2. Helping people find good books, philosophical or theological conversations, and cleaning and organizing other people’s houses :p
    3. More traveling (hopefully), Becoming a stronger, more effective, teacher
    4. Maia, Cenovia, Matthias, Tirzah/Tearza, Kierstin, Rhin, Bri/Bree, Kaliya
    5. Chilling (pretending to work) at a cute coffee shop/delicious bakery

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