I love that “twenty.”

I got my galley pages today; that is, Truest is starting to look like an actual book.

I need to read through these, make any last-minute changes, and then we’ll make my ARCs (advance review copies)! I’m still tracking down permissions for a few of the song lyrics and poetry in the story. Let me tell you, that part is not fun. With my current work in progress, I’m trying to stick mostly to stuff in the public domain.

Anyway, I know a lot of you say that you want to hear all the details on the publication journey– even the little ones– so I thought I’d better share this exciting step with you all!


galley pages2galley pages3


6 thoughts on “I love that “twenty.”

  1. Looks gorgeous so far! Can’t wait to see the big cover reveal! (and, I’ve probably said this before, but it is so fascinating reading about this whole process!)

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