Days Like Today

I’m having a bad day. The worst I’ve had in a while.

I’m down. I can’t write. It makes me feel lazy and sluggish and I hate that.

Expectation vs. reality really clobbers me sometimes. I had wanted this weekend to be ultra-productive– to rip through my work in progress in two days and get scenes lined up and make them prettier, and instead I stare at one page, fumble through a little bit, then stare at another page, repeat.

I took my meds this morning. All good on that front. Just woke up with a foggy beast on top of me that I’ve been trying to outrun all day– unsuccessfully.

My nap didn’t help. My excellent lunch didn’t help. Reaching out to friends isn’t helping either.

I think that those of us who have brain disorders are just bound to have these funky days from time to time. I praise God that this is a rare occurence. It used to be expected.

So there’s my silver lining.

7 thoughts on “Days Like Today

  1. Hang in there sweetie. You encourage so many people that the enemy is messing with you. His mercies are new every morning! Tomorrow is a new day! Go get Em!

  2. I am SO sorry you are having a crap day xx As you say, you know that it’s very likely ‘this too shall pass’ and you’ll appreciate your new life even more when ti does. hearing and understanding that’s it been a downer, frustrating and not what you’d hoped for. Thank God there are better days ahead to make up for it ❤

  3. Sorry to hear this. I hope by the time you get this you’ll be feeling much better. The best thing to do is just pray. Take the pressure of yourself and read a good book.

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