20 Life Lessons Since College

life lessons since college1. Acting like a know-it-all in college is silly.

2. On this green earth, I will always be a work in progress.

3. There are so many more shades of gray than I ever imagined.

4. Grace, grace, grace: be generous with it, both for myself and for others.

5. Love is messy.

6. Carefully choose which hills are worth dying on.

7. Quit pretending like you don’t have issues and start working through them.

8. Everyone has issues.

9. I am good company, on my own.

10. “‘No’ is a complete sentence.” (Anne Lamott)

11. Boundaries are amazing.

12. Craigslist rocks if you’re patient enough.

13. Start saving money immediately.

14. Investing in a reliable car will save you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

15. Get a great mattress. And memory foam.

16. Paying extra for a garage is absolutely worth it (in Minnesota).

17. Get the rice at Chipotle.

18. Treat yo’ self.

19. You will absolutely not win the contests you don’t enter. Enter, ask, risk.

20. Freedom begets freedom.


Image credit: Unsplash, modified by me

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