My Hunger Mountain Story

Hunger Mountain 18 is finally out, and it includes my short story “Covered Up Our Names.”



(You may recall that I had this crazy idea about teenaged wards of the state living in hospice care, wrote the story and submitted it to Hunger Mountain with no expectations, and then won the 2013 Katherine Paterson Prize for it!)

Now that it’s been published, the rights have reverted back to me, so I have posted it over at Crux Literary Journal, the online arts project I curate.  I hope you’ll take ten minutes or so to read it and tell me what you think!

8 thoughts on “My Hunger Mountain Story

  1. Jackie, You kept me riveted until the end…what a great writer you are! Congrats again on your award and upcoming book! (I tried to comment below the story but wasn’t able to for some reason).

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