On My Mind (& a small request)

onmymindRecent thoughts from yours truly:

* Sometimes depression feels so very close.  It sneaks up on me.  I blink once and its arms are wrapped around me, tight, suffocating, relentless, strong.  How strong am I really?

* I used to be an extrovert.  Now I’m an introvert.  (Granted, the world’s most outgoing introvert.)  I feel grateful for all the friends and families who made that transition with me.  It was a wide, wide swing, and they hung in there with me.

* Who even reads this blog?  Would you (for me) take the extra effort to leave a comment with:

1. Your name (mine is the name of this website)
2. Where you’re from (me: Kimball/Mpls, MN)
3. Your happiness-in-a-pinch fix (me: Barnes & Noble giftcard, an encouraging email, the smell of lilacs or crabapple trees or any other devastating floral scent)
4. A moment/memory of becoming yourself (me: when I realized that I don’t have to take every piece of writing advice)
5. What you’re most looking forward to in the next year (me: VCFA!)

(I stole these questions from Antonia.)

41 thoughts on “On My Mind (& a small request)

  1. 1. Nicole Rappe
    2. Edgerton, WI
    3. Adventuring in the woods or city with my best friend, Keti, talking about Jesus and laughing at every single thing.
    4. Realizing it’s okay to be an outspoken woman of God.
    5. Being an ARD.

  2. 1. Christine 😀
    2. Sydney, Australia. No kangaroos in sight so far.
    3. Watching something. I love watching anime (Japanese cartoons). The lighthearted ones make me smile and forget my problems. The heavier ones remind me that hey, at least these fictional characters have it worse than me.
    4. Funnily enough, it was when I had my first loud argument with my parents. Since they were usually the ones arguing with each other I’d grown up thinking there was no space for me to be unhappy in this delicate balance. When I snapped for the first time, I felt terrible but it also felt pretty good! It was like realising ‘hey! I DO have things to say!’ It was like finding my voice and it made me braver.
    5. Being a year smarter, wiser, happier. But not older. And hopefully with a finished book under my belt.

    If I could get sucked through cyberspace to shoo off the depression and hug you myself, I would. But since they haven’t invented something like that yet, have a cute video instead! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWFfDyupGpQ

    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

    • Loved the vid!! I’m so jealous that you live in Australia. I feel like I need to move there for my life to be complete. 🙂

      I’d love to hear some details about your work-in-progress! Have an elevator speech?

      • After being to Hong Kong recently I did realise that it is rather nice here in Australia. Gets boring sometimes, but peaceful. Come on down for a short vacation! It might be just want you need 😀

        I certainly do! If the elevator rides for two hours, that is. Haha, I’m far from figuring out the pitch and every time I try people look at me like I’m talking to imaginary friends. For now I can tell you (badly) that it’s a fantasy (semi-modern? does that even exist?) adventure series with around 5 books, involving demons, stigmatised people contracted to demons, and a whole bunch of philosophies about human perspectives and relationships.

        … Wow, that sounded terrible. Just ignore me, haha!

  3. 1. Taryn
    2. Shakopee, MN
    3. Kittens, PHCA, and sweet iced tea
    4. The moment I decided to stop getting annoyed with my brother and actually enjoy hanging out with him because I realized I was going to college soon and wouldn’t be able to do that as much anymore.
    5. Living with wonderful people at school.

  4. 1. Ilaria
    2. Italy
    3. Eating chocolate or pizza.
    4. When I realized that having everything under control is impossible.
    5. Getting my MA, hopefully!

  5. 1. Kimberly Johnson
    2. Phoenix, AZ
    3. Working on a decorating project, going out to photograph something awesome
    4. Realizing it is TOTALLY OK to say NO sometimes
    5. Realizing I CAN do ERP and I WILL be successful and feel better

  6. 1. Kimberly Johnson
    2. Phoenix, AZ
    3. Getting out with my husband, or working on a decorating project OR going out to photograph awesome stuff for a while.
    4. When I realized it’s MY life, and MY time, and I can TOTALLY say NO.
    5. Feeling better after ERP. Feeling free and hopeful at some point.

  7. Kate Frerich here. From Marshall/Mpls MN. Watching a Hanson video, taking my sweet pit bull Hershey on a walk/watching her be adorable. Realizing in the last couple years that God made me the way I am for a reason and I shouldn’t try to change what He created in me. Looking forward to some time with no school or side jobs!

  8. 1. Doug Foltz
    2. Tuscola, IL
    3. Coffee and a book in a hang out spot
    4. When I accepted God’s call to be a church planter.
    5. Making memories with my family.

  9. 1. Naomi S.
    2. Waverly, MN
    3. Good music & dancing, relaxing on the beach, reading a great book, traveling to new places and experiencing new things. 🙂
    4. Growing more into my own “weirdness” and being okay with it
    5. Getting married in August and starting a new life together!

  10. Hi Jackie! I love your blog 🙂 I have one too but I’m in the early stages of writing and too shy to make it public… 😉

    1. Madde Mernin
    2. St. Paul, MN
    3. Smiles from my Isla and when my hubby does chores
    4. Graduating college and quitting the first jobi got after one week
    5. Settling more and more into our new home

  11. 1. Stephanie Cunningham
    2. De Pere, WI
    3. Snuggles from my kids, hugs from the hubby, looking at my redbud tree, chocolate 🙂
    4. Starting to work on my first book post-marriage and post-kids. I needed to separate out being just the wife/mother and have somewhere to be just me and that was what it took. And also when I started homeschooling as that was discovering a whole new part of myself I never knew.
    5. I’m just looking forawrd to another year of following God’s plan for my life (as I discover it).

      • I try to keep up with what you are up to 🙂

        My writing project is feeble at best for now…first draft done and a thousand ideas churning about as to how to improve it. Unfortunately I let Eric read it and now he resists any changes I want to do–“seriously, I’m sorry you are attached but that’s not going to work for me anymore!” It is mostly for fun now but someday, maybe, I will attempt publication. But I’m so not there yet!

  12. 1. Amy Higgins
    2. Rochester, MN
    3. Hm, something I’m working on. Recent self-care experience involved being with friends.
    4. Discovering this spring that I don’t really like roses, like I assumed everybody else wanted me to like. I like lilacs. This was huge for me.
    5. Grace Hopper Conference in October. I am both looking forward to and dreading this conference. It’s an awesome learning and internship opportunity for me, and is being fully funded either by my college or scholarship, but it terrifies me to be around so many people. Social anxiety sucks sometimes.

  13. 1. Stephanie
    2. A bit of everywhere, most recently South Dakota/Roseville, MN
    3. A meaningful/thoughtful note, also long walks in the woods
    4. Dating. Boy do you learn about yourself, especially how selfish you really are.
    5. Settling in South Korea 🙂

  14. 1. Shar
    2. North Dakota
    3. Napping
    4. When I finally realized I am allowed to say “no” without feeling guilty
    5. Hanging out with Jackie Lea Sommers in the Twin Cities?

  15. AJ Nowak
    Buffalo mn
    Playing the Guitar
    When I found out that there is so much wonder and adventure in life, if you were just willing to look.
    Enjoying school and the time I have left with my closest friends.

  16. 1. Kelly Jo Haug (Roth)
    2. Rosemount/Saint Paul, MN
    3. Sight-reading through whole piano books, and treating myself to a caramel latte.
    4. Making the decision to leave college after my junior year, and knowing/realizing it to be the best decision I had made so far in my life. Sometimes leaving doesn’t mean running away.
    5. Creating a new home with my husband and child. Also: what I will accomplish with my new found sense of self-confidence after the labor and birth of my daughter.

  17. 1. You know my name 😉
    2. from Joysey (that’s New Jersey for those who are unfamiliar with the accent).
    3. I do this weird thing that I can only call anxiety meditation. It seems to do the trick if I’m anxious. When I’m feeling blue a hug from a friend or loved one does wonders for my mood.
    4. When I became an atheist (as weird as that sounds)
    5. To have my business be successful at some point

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