Writing Bucket List!

Beth Revis recently tweeted about her writing bucket list, which included action figures.  (Ha!  Love it!)  You can click the image below to go to the original Reddit page.

bucket list

It made me think about my own writing bucket list.  It’s not a terribly long list.

* Get a dynamite agent whom I adore.
* Make writing my day job.
* Have people create fan fiction and art about my characters.
* Be blurbed by John Green.

Oh, and change lives and honor God and inspire young people to write.

That’s not too much to ask for, is it? 🙂

wonder dream

7 thoughts on “Writing Bucket List!

  1. I’m shooting for three goals.

    1. Have my words quoted in graffiti.
    2. Have my words etched into stone, marble, or brick.
    3. Have my words make someone cry from laughter.

  2. oh got it!!! like an intro, you want John Green to go “Jackie Lea Sommers is one of the best young adult writers I have ever encountered. Everyone that reads her books are so mesmerized by her stories, they can never put the book down!!!” so very true; although this was “blurb” was written by the authors sister, so she might be a tad bit biased!!! 🙂

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