Jackie’s Family

Random 5 Friday is a weekly meme over at A Rural Journal.

Today I want to tell you five random facts about the Sommers family.

1) My parents, Tom and Ronda, are still deeply in love after 33 years of marriage.  The older I get, the more I realize how lucky/blessed I am to have had marriage modeled by two people who are best friends who are crazy about each other.


2) I am so proud of my sister Kristin and brother Kevin for the way that they love God and people.  I could not have asked for two better siblings.


3) When the five of us are together, we inevitably will end up around the table, playing cards.  Kevin will start to sing something completely random, and the rest of us will join us will join in until he changes tunes or we all start arguing or laughing or yelling at each other for holding out on that seven of clubs.

This is me, biting my brother's shoulder.  I don't know why either.

This is me, biting my brother’s shoulder. I don’t know why either.

4) I grew up on a hobby farm in Kimball, Minnesota, a town of 700.  Sometimes we had pigs, sometimes chickens, usually cows.  Plus a dog and about 40 cats, who lived in the barn.  The ones born in the summer would be tame and loving, and ones born in the winter would be wild and frightened of us.  Today, the old “hog house” is remodeled into a living space for my brother.  We like to tease that he belongs in the old pig barn.


5) My family is hilarious and loud.  The boys tease me all the time for being a “loser” since I love to read and write … but I know they’re very proud of me and very supportive.

My dad and brother are basically the same person, just 33 years apart.

My dad and brother are basically the same person, just different ages.

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