Happy Birthday to my Favorite Sister!

My delightful sister Kristin turns 29 today!  (Whoa, how did that happen?!)

I have watched my sister grow from a shy little violet who refused to speak (no, really, she didn’t talk until she was about three– after lots of speech therapy) to a fun, amazing, Christ-loving, devoted, loyal woman who won’t stop talking.  Haha!

Kristin, I have a lifetime of great memories with you, but some of my favorites are singing “Princess Pat” while hanging upside down off our opposite beds, all our weird inside jokes like the Janet Jackson dance, how you think all my suggestions are stupid until you take them and then realize I was right (books, movies, etc.), your commitment to family traditions, how you would “ice skate” around the living room and how the family became so used to it that we hardly noticed it anymore, your ongoing story “Moving” that you worked on in some form or another for years and years, the Story Society, when you’d play “Molly and Ashley” with Amber, playing library with you, going to the actual library with you every day after school to use the internet and email you-know-who, praying every morning on the way into school, when you wanted to be a STATUE when you grew up and how I could not get through to you that that wasn’t a real job, the other job you always wanted– being a bus driver so that you could operate the lever that opened the doors (LOL), how faithful you are in reading your Bible, the way that you always lead our family into sessions of “what we like best about each other,” and so many more!

You’re my favorite deetie, Deetie!  Happy birthday!

deet5 deet2



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