She thinks about Narnia too much.


It’s probably true.

Look, I know I’m a nerd.  For goodness sakes, I have a perfectly good armoire sitting in my living room used not for storage but for a diorama.  And I’m 31.  There’s maybe something wrong with me.

narnia (4)

But I love C.S. Lewis’s fantasy world, and I love the lessons I have learned from those beloved books.  I love the characters, the stories, the victories.  It’s May 2nd, and so far in 2013, I have read the whole series once through, but also three additional times through The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and one more time each for The Magician’s Nephew and The Horse and His Boy.  Actually, right now I’m re-reading The Horse and His Boy for a third time.

I write poems about Susan and Edmund and Cair Paravel.  I have this strange need to sort out problems the books never solve.  I post quotes to my blog (left and right and up and down and front and back).  I collect songs I find about Narnia.  Narnia finds its way into my fiction.  It helps me process my thoughts on heaven and uncertainty.  I even dared to venture into straight-up fan fiction zone.

I guess when books change your life, you become an evangelical freak about them.

Or maybe that’s just me.

narnia art


7 thoughts on “She thinks about Narnia too much.

  1. Hi Jackie, hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment/question for you. Can I ask you what signs made it clear to you when a medication for your OCD was working? Or when the medication might have worked, but not necessarily enough for your OCD thoughts? Thank you so much,

    • Hi! No, I don’t mind the question at all … and you’re always welcome to email me at as well.

      My OCD meds lift me from this hopeless feeling of depression to a feeling that I can tackle the day, even if it will be hard. It was ERP therapy though, where I knew it was working because I wasn’t obsessing (!!!) or performing compulsions (!!!). My meds are good and helpful, but ERP was better. 🙂

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