thoughts on heaven

I have heard it credited to Saint Augustine: “Make me chaste — but not yet.”

For a long time, that was my thought about heaven.  I wanted to go there someday— but definitely not today.

Heaven scared me, and it still does sometimes.  There is so much I don’t understand about it:

* How can something last forever?
* Won’t it get boring?
* If all imperfection is gone, who will I even be?
* Will we have goals?
* Will I still write?
* Will there be any challenges?
* Will I interact with others or only be focused on God?

Even now, thinking about it has made me a little uneasy.

My co-worker believes that heaven will be on earth.  I seem to think it will be entirely separate.  I know that I will be with Christ, and since He is my true love, I will be happy.  But I still get a little scared sometimes.  I’m so used to this earth, as messed up and sinful as it is.  I know what it is like to desire things and work for them and how to draft and re-draft chapters in a bookstore on the weekends.

I used to be even more scared of heaven– before I read The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis, that culminating seventh and final book of the Narnia series.  I won’t tell you what happens in it (my favorite book), but it eases my mind about heaven.  It reminds me not of the questions I have but of the JOY I’ll experience being in the presence of my Savior.

6 thoughts on “thoughts on heaven

  1. Oh Jackie, you’ve put into words what I’ve always felt and still feel sometimes… I know in my head that heaven will be wonderful and beyond comprehension, but my heart still fears the unknown. But like you, “Last Battle” made me feel much, much better 🙂 “Heaven, My Father’s House” by Anne Graham Lotz is another peace-giving little book.

  2. I’ve wondered a lot about that in heaven too. But I don’t think that our personalities, our hobbies, things like that will go away. I don’t know how true this is, but I’ve always been told that Heaven is taking away everything that you hate–that is sinful–in yourself, taking away the hurt, and replacing it with ecstatic joy and unending peace.
    And I seriously doubt that we’ll be bored. Since people are recommending books (in addition to Last Battle, which is AMAZING), I would recommend Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo. His son had an experience where he saw heaven during surgery as a young child, and he was able to describe things he had never been taught about heaven at that point, The way he describes it is so beautiful, especially through the eyes of a child, who sees things that are familiar to him, and then things that are so out of this world that he (like the prophets in the OT) can only compare them to things on earth, but yet still be frustrated by how inadequate that comparison is. I started the book skeptically, but as far as I could tell, it was completely Biblically accurate. Anyway, I really bring it up to mention that while in heaven, his son mentioned that Jesus had him “doing homework,” or work, or something like that. Jesus has plans for us in heaven too, and I think our interests will carry over into that; I don’t think we’ll just be sitting around. And he said that there will be a new earth, so it will be similar to this one, but without being fallen.
    One of my friends once asked me, “Do you think there will be new colors in heaven?” It’s still something I like to ponder. How do you describe color? And I can’t think of any new colors–could there really be more? I think there might be.
    Okay, there’s my bit. I’m done. 🙂 Love the post!

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