Great Decisions of My Life

baptism1. January 1996, I gave my life to Jesus Christ.  I was fourteen years old, and my heart was singing as I leaned back into the waters of baptism.

2. August 2000, I began my education at Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This school molded me as a student of words and the Word and introduced me to some amazing, lifelong friends.  I had no idea that after graduation, I would end up working on the campus, and now I have spent almost 13 years at this amazing institution!

3. August 2001, I chose to be a volunteer camp counselor at Pine Haven Christian Assembly, the camp I grew up attending as a camper.  I was one person going into this week and another coming out of it; it sparked a desire in me to work with youth.  I met some of my very best friends at this camp, most of them this first week.

4. Summer 2003, I decided to apply for a position in the Northwestern admissions office.  A decade later, I still revel in that great decision every morning when I wake up excited to go to work.

5. August 2005, I started sponsoring a child through Compassion International, igniting a strong advocacy in me for helping release children from poverty.  Antonio June, Jona, and Bea bless my life.

6. March 2009, I began Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy to treat my OCD.

Hoping to make more great decisions … or be led to them … or to stumble into them!  What are the best decisions of your life?

2 thoughts on “Great Decisions of My Life

  1. I’m glad these decisions have been such blessings to you, Jackie. I love that you’re excited to go to work every day. That is a blessing in itself, because so many people do not feel that way.

    Some of my best decisions: to date, and then marry, Larry; to quit my job at the health department and try something different; to start blogging; to do graduate work . . .

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