Mental illness is a medical problem.

One thing that frustrates me to no end is when people treat mental illness like moodiness, as if you can just snap out of it, instead of like the medical issue it is.  This mindset is so pervasive that it has infiltrated even those with mental disorders.  It broke my heart to sit across the table from an obsessive-compulsive who thought she should be able to just “pray away” her OCD.  Now, of course I think that prayer matters.  But I think also that you pray about cancer– and then undergo chemotherapy— and pray some more.


12 thoughts on “Mental illness is a medical problem.

  1. Good stuff, Jackie! It’s sad that in the Christian community often spiritualizes mental health issues so that if you struggle you’re not just sick but succumbing to sin as well. And the whole thing about meds being anti-spiritual is maddening. If only you had enough faith, you wouldn’t need those drugs. Ouch.

  2. Yes to all of this! For the longest time, I believed my OCD was some sort of spiritual disorder, too, and certain articles and books I read didn’t help, i.e. OCD is caused by demonic strongholds in one’s life, that it’s because of unconfessed sin, etc. It REALLY does not help those already struggling with a mental condition for people to say “Oh, you must have sinned/be possessed by a demon,” in response to their sufferings. 😦 I’m not denying that illnesses can be caused be demons or sin, or that demons can’t exacerbate/exploit a physical or psychological weakness one already has, but to paraphrase what Jesus said in response to the apostles theorizing whose sin caused the blind man’s bad eyesight, sometimes it’s no one’s fault. I just wish more people would start to realize that. 😦

    • Absolutely!! The girl I am blogging about TODAY and her parents were told her OCD sounded more like “spiritual warfare.” I do think that Satan can play a role in our horrendous disorder, but it’s FLAT-OUT WRONG to not treat it as a medical problem!

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  4. I struggle with this all the time. Because of the stigma surrounding mental illness I’m afraid to admit that I go to therapy and few know that less than a year ago I was on the verge of suicide. Some days I wish I had the strength and courage to come out with it, as you do, Jackie. You are my hero. 🙂

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