31 thoughts on “Hope for the Hopeless Obsessive-Compulsive

  1. Jackie, once again you have touched on what I believe is the most important message for those who suffer from OCD…….there is ALWAYS HOPE for recovery and ERP Therapy is the frontline treatment for OCD. Thanks for continuing to spread the word!

  2. Jackie you are a light in the darkness — a spiritual weapon God has chosen — You do such good fighting for others.

  3. Love it Jackie! Not OCD or uncertainty, but the fact that you have overcome it! And that you are helping others do the same. Keep going girl! I love the work you do!

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  5. Thank you Jackie. My hope is that my daughter who is battling OCD will see the hope and receive the help that is available. Thank you for sharing and I pray she reads this post and sees that there are others out there and there is a way out.

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  7. Thank you so so much Jackie. I am so glad I’ve found your blog. I’m a mum of 4 who has been struggling with blasphemous thoughts/obsessions/unpardonable sin fears/fear of hell/condemnation since I was 12. I’ve struggled through and am now almost 32, and am only just now realising I most probably have Pure-o. I’ve been to psychologists before for depression but never for OCD. The depression is a symptom of the possible OCD I now realise. I am so so tired of living with this, so tired of fighting the mental battle day in day out, so tired of feeling relief for a moment and then starting all over again. I feel like there is no hope for me, noone really knows how I truly feel inside my head, and I’m so worried I’ve gone to far for God to ever bring me back. I recently contacted a psychologist but can’t get in for a month, I know another month in 20 years of mental torture won’t really matter, but I feel it’s getting worse each day. It’s affecting my parenting, and my children, and my husband and my life, though I hide it very very well. We’re currently on campus at a Bible College where my husband is studying (we’re in Australia), and it’s really exaggerated since we’ve arrived here. My worry is that if I get treatment for OCD and then still have the thoughts, does it mean I was me, and not the OCD all along? I am so worried that I believe the thoughts when I know deep down I don’t. Anyway, I’m just so glad I’m not alone and there are others that have been through this and come out the other side. I don’t want to live in fear and anxiety for the rest of my life. 😦

    • You poor dear!

      No, it’s not you at all: if those were your real, true thoughts, then you wouldn’t be so repulsed by them. They wouldn’t cause that sort of intense anxiety.

      I can’t say enough how much freedom (in Christ!!) ERP therapy has given to me. I feel so much closer to God than I have in years. In the 5 years since ERP therapy, my life is completely different and I am loving my journey with Jesus!

      • Thank you Jackie, I appreciate that. I’m hoping the psychologist I have contacted in Tasmania where we are staying will be able to do ERP therapy – I know they do some type of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Perhaps it’s called something different here in Australia. We’re from Queensland in Australia and moved down to Tasmania in February, so being away from the familiar and family and friends has probably exaggerated my problems as well. Anyway, thanks again and I’m so glad I found your blog.

      • I’m happy you did too! Please do read up as much as you can about ERP on my blog and email me if you have questions! My email address is under the about section!

  8. Also, I haven’t had a “diagnosis” as such though my Dr has offered me medication (for depression) – is this something i would bring up with the pscyhologist, the possibility of OCD? And ask for a diagnosis?

      • Thank you! It’s so good to be closer to some answers, to possibly put a “name” to what’s been happening all these years.

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      • Thanks for responding so quickly Jackie. I’ve been dealing with harm OCD in the wake of a marriage breakdown and, true to form, the OCD has latched onto what us most precious to me.

        Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of pure O sufferers and for your positive and encouraging words.

        God bless,


  10. …”Try your best to get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow you will begin your search for a cognitive-behavioral therapist.”

    I can’t get a good nights sleep my obsessive thoughts have entered my dreams. My whole world is fear. I tried finding a behavioral therapist, but they are all booked many months in advance. The once I talked to listen to me for 45 minutes once a week. I’m alone. This disorder has reduced me to a scared, frail being afraid of my own thoughts, afraid that tomorrow it could get worse. I’ve lost weight because I have no appetite and no energy. I never thought it could get this BAD and hopeless. I don’t remember what it’s like to be happy, care free or even bored. I’m always anxious. I’ve never hurt anyone in my life, all I wanted to do is daydream and create art, I can’t do that anymore. Everything hurts.

    • I’m so sorry, friend, and I have been there too. Would it feel productive to track down a book about ERP, since you can do ERP without a therapist while you wait? I recommend Dr. Jonathan Greyson’s Freedom from OCD.

      • How would you compare doing ERP on your own vs with a therapist? It seems like every OCD sufferer is completely on their own inside their head. Also the therapist gives you an hour of their time once or twice a week so you’re on your own anyways.

      • I think the ERP specialist is equipping sufferers to do it on their own anyway. It all depends on a person’s needs. There are residential ERP programs even. I did the once a week for twelve weeks thing. But for those without resources, I think it’s important they get started with the help of a book to guide them.

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