mmm, the gospel

My co-worker Brittane and I try to have lunch together whenever we can– last spring, amidst some crazy parts in our lives, we were getting together every Friday, walking over to the college cafeteria, and sharing as much of our lives as possible over our short lunch break.  Brittane would roar at me, “THE GOSPELLLLLL,” with one hand raised in the air in praise, her reminder to both of us to KEEP THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE, and over the course of several months, it became our war-cry.  Our prayers shortened to, “Thank you for this food, this friend, and the gospel.”  Then we would each raise a hand and repeat, “THE GOSPELLLLL!”

Gospel.  Good news.

And it belongs to us.  I am so happy to have this good news in my chest like a story, covering me like a shield, on my brow like a crown.  I claim it.  I spread it over my life like a blanket, like a slogan.

Jesus Christ lived and died and lives again; it makes all the difference in my life.


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