Erin Morgenstern, author of the bestselling novel The Night Circus (and one of my all-time favorites), has a book coming out in November of this year.

The Night Circus came out in 2011. The Starless Sea in 2019. There’s been a long gap.

love how she puts it on her personal blog:

This has been a long, difficult process but I wanted to get it just right no matter how long it took. This book existed in bits and pieces for a long time and some of the pieces stayed and others changed or wandered away entirely and it refused to be book-shaped for a very long time and then one day it was. I’m still kind of surprised that it’s finally reached this point.

A lot of this is how I feel about Salt Novel. I want to get it just right now matter how long it takes. 

I have a feeling it can be a really special story. There are elements of that magic right now– they catch my eye like the glint off a glass wind chime; I hear the lyrics when it gets really, really quiet.

On Colbert, Bradley Cooper said of his movie A Star is Born, “I had the luxury of time,” and I’ve been letting that settle in my heart. I so badly want to PRODUCE and PUBLISH and DO and ENTERTAIN, but I am choosing to be grateful for the luxury of time to get this book just exactly right.

I have Paula Munier’s book at home, Writing with Quiet Hands, and I need to start it over again. Quiet hands. Quiet heart. Luxury of time. Get it exactly right. Make it special.

Thanks for listening to my heart.

Watch at 6:40 🙂

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