My main goal for February was to survive, and I’m nearly there!

February, despite being the shortest month, is probably the hardest for me– though December is a worthy competitor. In MN, February is typically freezing (true this year!) and snowy (ditto) and so busy in my work life (yup).

If you are familiar with Spoon Theory, just know that February uses all my spoons and borrows from January and March.

But my hardest events are over now. (Not sure the snow is though!) My house is clean. I’m freshly showered, I had a warm meal, it’s 9:10 PM and I’m already in jammies and ready to do a little freehand writing.

I rarely do my writing by hand anymore … except when I’m afraid.

And, well, I am.

But I’m doing it anyway.

Writing in a junky composition notebook is a great way to fool the scared writer part of one’s brain. It feels so laidback, unofficial, non-threatening.

I have been doing EMDR again, and I go back on Monday. It has been unreal to unpack the last 4.5 years, and I feel so grateful I get to reframe it all and reclaim writing as my joy, not my fear.


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