Here, have some vulnerability & New Girl GIFs

The truth is I feel like I’m failing at being an adult.

giphy (14).gif


I always want to be transparent and vulnerable in this space, but I try to not fall over the Cliff of TMI or into the village of Downerville.

But today, I’m gonna dive right over that edge and tumble my way into that town. Here we go.

giphy (17)

First of all, I have been straight-up PMSing for about two weeks now.

giphy (18)

My hormones are completely out of whack, I can’t stop crying, my body HURTS, and I feel like a panicky failure. I’ve cried about everything from feeling like a bad friend, bad writer, feeling ugly and unhealthy, bad dreams, men on dating sites who don’t want me, and the endings to books. Even the kittens I follow on Instagram sometimes make me want to cry.

I was gonna SLAY 2018, you know? Finally getting all my health stuff figured out … diving in with a big novel revision … learning to love myself, single or not …

But it is just so hard, all of it.

Money. Friendships. Work. Responsibility. Illness. Loneliness. PERIODS.

But I know that my hormones tell me lies. Things will get better. I am not a failure because I haven’t given up. I’m still here, figuring out money and friendships and work and responsibilities and illness and loneliness and periods.

giphy (21).gif

And then it gets better again.

If you want to leave me a one-sentence pep talk, I’d love that.





9 thoughts on “Here, have some vulnerability & New Girl GIFs

  1. you can do it!!! also what is the link for the kittens you follow on twitter, I need chute kitties on my twitter feed! Love you deetie!

  2. Sometimes everything is just THE WORST, and then you wake up and it’s a little better than the day before. I’ll be back in Minneapolis next month if you want to have a vulnerability and vent session.

  3. I’ve been feeling the same way lately. Part of me blames winter! But you can do it! It’ll be amazing! You got this!!!!!

  4. You may feel lonely, but you have been the cure to so many peoples loneliness and isolation. Your blog helps so many people who don’t have the means or courage to seek help. You are the guiding light for them! You are smart, talented, kick ass, and beautiful inside and out. This is just a season and there are better ones to come!

  5. I can’t do one-sentence things…

    Life sucks and then it gets better and then it sucks again. Man, what truth. I was texting with one of my 9th-grade girls (youth small group) about how much life sucks for her and for me and for COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASONS. She has a controlling boyfriend and worries about test scores and who to hang out with on weekends. I have out-of-control hormones and worry about paying for childcare and medical bills.

    We say teenage years are full of angst, but I also think everyone is a bit better at “dealing” as teens, too? I listened to depressing music and goofed off with theater friends. Now I send memes to friends I haven’t seen in a decade.

    Here’s my go-to playlist … of unrequited love songs (channeling my angst upon angst <–pronounced the German way: Ahhhhhhnnnnnngggggxxxt):

    Also, I saw Truest shelved on Goodreads as "so-good" yesterday. ❤

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