What I’m Into

* asking for help and not apologizing for needing it

isochronic tones (for headache relief, anxiety relief, help falling asleep)

* Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

* the new Rupi Kaur collection

* supportive coworkers/workplace

* girlfriends full of grace

* keeping in touch with faraway friends  (Cindy, Megs, Whit, Sam … looking at you guys!)

* Portlandia (I’m late to the party, I know)

* kitten videos on Instagram (I literally follow more foster kitten profiles than actual people I know) (I am waiting for a mama cat to give birth and check it every half hour … oh, who am I kidding? Every five minutes.)

* my house … I really do love it here

* looking forward to 2018

YOUR TURN!!! It will make me happy if you chime in with what you’re into lately. 🙂



3 thoughts on “What I’m Into

  1. What am I into right now ?

    – Working out and boxing! (Although with a bad head injury right now it’s not a good time.)

    – Becoming a vegan, because… it’s been on my mind for a while!

    – College. Trying to survive my first session!

    – Healing my wounds.

    – Pumpkin spice drinks. Like every year.

    – Scary movies, of course!

    Here’s what I’m into right now. 🙂 x

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