Have More Discussions.

Was talking today to a new friend about vulnerability and authenticity, and it made me circle back to this post. I will say that I feel very lucky– my transparency has resulted, over and over, in favor. I know that’s not true for everyone, and I feel very grateful.

XO Jackie


I’m participating in an HR initiative at Northwestern in which I’ve been paired up with a mentor, and together we’re going through the book True North by Bill George, the former CEO of Medtronic.  It’s all about “discovering your authentic leadership,” and in addition to reading the book, I’m doing all the exercises found in the accompanying workbook.  The workbook exercises are deep and thought-provoking and quite fascinating.

I had to draw a timeline of my life up till this point, including the ups and downs, and then I had to split it up into five chapters and give each a name.  Here are mine:

1. “She Thinks Too Much”: early childhood

2. “She Smiles on the Outside”: my school years, in which I was well-liked, very smart, and excelling at most things, except that my spiritual life and mental health were in shambles, though most people weren’t…

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1 thought on “Have More Discussions.

  1. Hi Jackie. Your posts are awesome. They help a lot :).

    Btw, I did read almost all of your posts about OCD and CBT. I’m about to start self-oriented ERP on my own, since I’m living in a developing country where there’s no therapist specializing in OCD or ERP. I’ve asked you a question about you knowing anyone who successfully did self-oriented ERP before, and your answer was Shannon Shy. However, I messaged him and I think he did go to therapy for treatment. So do you know is there any other people who did self-oriented ERP successfully? I’m sorry if the question is offensive or something… I just need to know to be motivated.

    Thank you so much. Finding out your blog was one of the best moments in my life :).

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