6-Year Blogiversary

6 yearsIt feels like a lifetime ago that the first post went live on this blog.

But it was six years ago.

So much has happened in those six years, it’s kind of unbelievable.

I became a published author and a feminist,
some of my favorite people were born,
I bought a house,
saw my college become a university,
made so many new friends (IRL and online),
lost all my confidence and gained it back,
I’ve interacted with hundreds of brave people with OCD,
I’ve met countless families through my work at UNW,
and I’ve grown so much as a writer.

My heart has been broken and healed and shaped by all my friends and family, by every new person I have met, every interaction I’ve had, every book I’ve experienced, every struggle I’ve conquered (and even the ones I have yet to conquer).

I’m so grateful for this platform.

If there was a particular blog post of mine that influenced you, I’d love to hear! Consider your comment a blogiversary gift. ❤

10 thoughts on “6-Year Blogiversary

  1. Happy Blogaversary!! All of your blog posts on OCD and faith helped me SO SO much when I was struggling. One in particular I would read over and over again!! Thank you for the work you’ve done on here- you’ve helped so many people I am sure!! xx

  2. Jackie – I’m a mom of a young adult with OCD and a therapist who specializes in treating OCD. Your posts on OCD all touch me, and I regularly recommend your blog to the adults I treat. Thank you for writing! Happy Blogaversary!

  3. AWWWW HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Becoming friends with you through our blogs is one of my favorite things that has ever happened on the internet. Your honesty about the ups and downs (esp. the downs) of writing and publication have meant the world to me and saved my from my anxiety brain more than once. Your persistence inspires me and your presence here makes me feel so much less alone. xoxo

    • Girl, same. No joke. I love knowing I can fire off an email to you to vent and you will be there for me. ❤ ❤ ❤ SOOOO grateful for you. Meeting you is one of the best "results" of blogging for me.

  4. I don’t think my last comment actually updated, so I’m gonna re-write it the best I can!
    First, Happy anniversary to your blog! 🙂 I think that the ‘topic’ that really hit home to me was about OCD. It’s what actually made me discover your blog, as bittersweet as it sounds. Your posts seemed filled with hope to me, and it was kinda the hug I needed, when no one around me really knew what HOCD felt like, if that was even considered a thing.

    I saw you reply to a lot of people, always answering the best you could which makes you an amazing person. ❤

    BUT, of course, I loved and enjoyed all of your other posts, and I can't WAIT to read your books!
    As soon as the first-day-in-college passes, I buy them. Count. On. Me!

    And finally, I am happy to see that despite the rollercoasters you've been through the past 6 years, some things have turned out to be amazing for you. It gives me even more Faith. ❤

    So, hopefully you'll give us even more years of your blog and I wish you all the best for the year to come! ❤

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