Why Meds?

A blog reader emailed me and asked, “If you are okay with sharing this, could you tell me why you chose to stay on your medication after ERP?”

My response:

For me, meds are a chemical tool to slow my serotonin reabsorption. ERP is a physical tool in that it rewires the brain and a mental tool in that it gives me a new mindset toward uncertainty. I’m grateful for ALL my tools. 🙂

 Also in my toolbox: prayer, deep friendships in which I can be vulnerable, essential oils when needed, Ativan when needed, talk therapy for non-OCD anxiety, and self-care (i.e. naps and ice cream).

 What I’m trying to say is that God has given me an extensive amount of assistance. Some tools only come with privilege or money (having insurance and a paycheck to pay for meds and therapy … and ice cream, ha!); some from transparency (I have the greatest friends); all are sheer grace.

I’m at a stage of my life and faith where my hands are open to all the grace I can get.

3 thoughts on “Why Meds?

  1. Just wondering… have you ever tried to stop taking your meds (obviously, with medical supervision)? I got to a stage in which I feel recovered from the disorder and my doctor also suggested that I stopped taking meds at one point, but then last November I needed an increased dosage because stress was exacerbating the anxiety. Now I’m back to my former dosage, when I come back from my holidays I have to work on my MA thesis. After several CBT sessions, I definitely have more tools to face OC symptoms compared to last year, and hopefully the meds dosage will stay the same. I plan on getting off my meds after graduation, if it’s the case… let’s see what happens.

    • Two stories:
      1) when I accidentally forget my meds, I can usually tell that same day.
      2) my psychiatrist pulled me off Risperdal about six months ago. I have had problems sleeping since then and am meeting with a sleep specialist today!

      So I guess both of these experiences make me not want to rock the boat.

      My psychiatrist has mentioned trying to wean me off of one of my OCD meds. I’m intrigued but in no rush!

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