Thank You!

Hi friends. Thanks for all your support after my last post. It means so much to me. It also reminded me how freedom has always come to me from vulnerability . . . And how much I want to keep this blog space a place for honesty and struggle and transparency.

It’s easier to say, “Me too,” and I always want to give people that option. That means I am committed to speaking up first and being authentic about my fears and struggles, whether or not anyone else is.

This is the blog of a YA author/college recruiter/child of God who battles mental illness without shame and battles shame with grace. Welcome. Stay a while. You don’t have to say a word.

5 thoughts on “Thank You!

      • Yep! My husband and I started there just as the church began and there were just 120 people meeting in a senior center. We’ve known Pastor Steven and his wife for over ten years now. He’s an incredible preacher and a caring, humble man of God when not on stage. So cool that you know of him – we’re so used to Elevation being our church that it’s easy to forget how well know he is now!

      • Haha, I bet! Yes! I heard him speak for the Global Leadership Conference and it was everyone’s favorite. HR from our university bought it on DVD and showed it to everyone who hadn’t gone to the conference/we were at a satellite site.

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