22 thoughts on “Not Alone Not Alone Not Alone

  1. I️ am only 12 and I️have been struggling with this and sometimes I️ am ok but my mom doesn’t think HOCD is real that it is just a stage and sometimes I️ just feel so depressed I️ don’t even know what to do so plz help me

  2. And sometimes it doesn’t even feel real like I️ will wake up and be like wtf is wrong with me ur just stupid and then the thoughts will bother me so much I️ will try to accept that I️ might be gay but then I️ just feel like crying bc I️ don’t think I️ am and sometimes I️ just want to go to sleep and never wake up and sometimes I️ feel completely fine and straight and other times I️ feel crazy like I’m gay and I️ feel ashamed and like I️ want to die and I️ don’t know how to talk to my parents and I’m crying here just typing this so plz help me someone!!!!!

  3. ANd sorry for all the comments but never once have j been attracted to girls but then all of a sudden that’s all I️ could think about and it went away but came back about 5 weeks ago and I️ feel like I️ wanna die sometimes so can u plz help me and I️ wanna build a life with a man and I️ fantasize about men but then dirty disgusting thoughts that make me sick about women come into my head plz help me

  4. Thank u knowing that their is hope and that I️ won’t want to die everyday makes everything a lot easier hopefully I️ can get on the road to recovery very soon

  5. I️ have one more question I️ have horrible thoughts about women that I️ really don’t want bc they r disgusting and make me sick which was my main thing with thinking I️ was shy hit after erp do these thoughts eventually go away so I️ don’t have to be bothered with them all the time

      • Ok is it normal to look at girls and be like yea she is pretty and still not be gay bc I️ really like boys and don’t want to be gay but I️ still think about girls and hate it but that doesn’t mean I’m gay right

  6. ANd f I️ laugh at something a boy says who I️ think is cute and then laugh at something a girl says because she is my friend and I️ smile at both but only (think) I️ like the boy does that make me gay

  7. Like if I️ get a tingly feeling in my groin when lesbians were doing something on a tv screen but feel ahshamed to think like that does that make me gay and plz respond as soon as possible

  8. Nvm I️ read Hannah’s interview which reminded me that the tingly feeling is just something that happens (I️ get that feeling with boys often) and I️ have started self erp therapy and as much as I️ don’t like it , it’s already helping some thx so much and I️ won’t blow up ur comments anymore

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