State of the Blogger: Grateful (and a teeny bit nervous)

One. More. Day. (And twenty minutes, give or take.)

I don’t feel ready. I don’t have everything figured out yet for the launch party– but I will finalize all the details tomorrow. I still have all day tomorrow to test my new signing pens (is this real life?), organize my door prizes, and practice reading my selections from the novel. It’ll be fine. It will. Right?


Right now, I’m mostly feeling tremendously grateful. I’m grateful that Cindy is here with me, to calm me down and talk me off the proverbial ledge. I’m grateful that she is also an introvert and let me disappear for two hours this afternoon to be alone and take a nap. I’m grateful that she doesn’t need me to cart her around to the flashy parts of the Twin Cities but is instead willing to order in pasta and watch Flea Market Flip while we both poke around on our individual laptops. I’m grateful that when I have mini-meltdowns, I can mute everything and talk it through with her and she can speak sense into my life.

I’m grateful for my parents, who called tonight and made me laugh.

I’m grateful for my friends who are planning to come to my launch party. I’m so blessed. A gigantic party for ME! And people are excited to come celebrate with me! That’s amazing.

I’m grateful for the prayers that I know so many people are lifting up for me.

I’m grateful for the UNW English department and for Addendum Bookstore for hosting my party.

I’m grateful for my editor Jill. For everything.

I’m grateful for this review, which was just what I needed, heading into this new week.

And I’m especially grateful for the incredible hug I got from my sweet little Elsie after church this morning.

Life is so, so good.

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