State of the Blogger: Emotional (& Probably Not How/Why You Think)

Countdown to Truest: 2 days, 38 minutes. Wowza.

My friend Cindy arrived safe and sound at MSP this morning, and we’ve been hanging out all day, talking, talking, talking– not so much “catching up” since we literally talk almost every day, but just enjoying being together.

Tonight we watched Chopped, the teen version of the cooking show.

For five hours.

It just sort of happened.

We’d watched two rounds of the quarter-finals, then we watched one more … then, well, there was only one round left. But then, of course, we had to watch the championship round. When sweet little Tommy Rae from South Carolina won a scholarship to culinary school, I started crying.

For real.

Her dad was just so proud of her, and she won all this money, and her dreams were coming true, and I said to Cindy, “I think I’m a little over-sentimental this week.” She agreed.

With that, I’m headed to bed.

Tommy Rae and me? We’re living the good life.

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