Dear Diary: July 2015

Happy 35th birthday, Harry Potter! I hope all is well and your scar doesn’t hurt.

I’m feeling GOOD, friends. I am on vacation and OH, HOW I NEEDED IT. It feels like pouring restoration right into my body.

Here’s my July in a handful of pictures.

My basement is coming together, slowly but surely. Sneak peek:

july basement

I cut off A LOT of my hair (5-6 inches, I’d guess):

july haircut

I finished writing the new scenes for my book and got them organized into chronological order:

july calendar 3

july calendar 2

july calendar(Some of those dates probably have 6-10 post-its on them!)

I went on a retreat to Duluth. We watched Divergent and made Dauntless cake:

july dauntless cake

It was marvelous.

One more month till Truest is released.

It might be the vacation speaking, but I feel the best I have since, oh, March or April.

Tell me how you all are! What’s the best thing that happened to you in July??

7 thoughts on “Dear Diary: July 2015

  1. Your basement is looking good, and so is your hair 🙂 Glad you’re on vacation now and enjoying it. The best thing that happened to me in July is that I got an awesome new CP and we are just clicking so well.

  2. Yay for vacations and hair cuts and all those post-it notes! I’m also feeling quite good this month. I’ve figured out how to take the train out of NYC to the beach and am doing that with my notebook and a good book (right now its The Raven Boys at your and many other’s suggestion) as much as possible. Can’t wait for Truest to come out.

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