Green Things I Love

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d share a list of green things I love.

John Green | I adore this man and am so happy to be a Nerdfighter. I love listening to his AFC Wimbleton Wimbly Womblys videos to learn more about him, his views, his life, etc. John is doing important things in our world, and I deeply admire him.

Anne of Green Gables | Oh Anne. Oh Gilbert.

Minnesota in summer | It’s been so long …

This scarf | Click here.

Billy Graham Community Life Commons | A LEED-certified building on my beloved Northwestern campus.

The Green Lady in PerelandraSuch innocence.

Green Lake, Minnesota | The fictional town where Truest takes place.

Green lights | Literal and metaphorical …

How about you? 

Typographic Design Greeting Card Template

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