Random Facts about Me

unsplash7.21. I love online shopping. Probably too much.

2. I’m an editor for Crux Literary Journal.

3. I’m scared of nuclear war but still toy around with this nuke map.

4. I love Toad & the Wet Sprocket.

5. I used to have nightmares about the rapture. Now my nightmares involve claustrophobia.

6. The most challenging class I took in college was called Writing Theory & Ethics. It was fascinating, but most of the time I was in over my head. For my big paper, I argued that Kenneth Burke’s theory of the negative was incompatible with a Christian worldview. Again, in over my head. But it was one of my favorite papers I wrote in college and the one that made me proudest.

7. I like the experience of reading fiction and creative non-fiction … but with regular old non-fiction, I just want to learn. I wish I could upload the content directly into my brain.

8. I don’t watch scary movies after Minority Report made me afraid for something like three weeks. (I thought there would be pre-cogs in my car.)

9. I sponsor three children in the Philippines: Antonio June since August 2005, Jona since January 2007, and Bea since November 2008. I adore these kiddos and deeply believe in the mission of Compassion International.


10. I’ve had a lot of roommates over the years. At least 25.

2 thoughts on “Random Facts about Me

  1. I laughed out load at the pre-cogs in the car section. What do you think they would do? I loved Minority Report, but have to admit that the idea of thought crime resonates with my OCD. I am a big horror fan. Loved Sinister, The Exorcist, Let Me In, 28 Days Later etc… I wouldn’t classify Minority Report as horror. It has a action and suspense, the pre-cogs are definitely sci-fi-ey and a bit creepy, but not enough to cross into the threshold of horror proper.

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