A Week in My Life

Art tree design with 7petal days of weekHere’s a typical week for me:

Monday-Friday, 8-4:30: recruit like a boss for the University of Northwestern.

Monday evening is my day off from writing. I come home, take a nap, try to fit in a lot of reading, and might meet up with a friend for coffee.

Tuesday evening I’m back at work on the novel. The first Tuesday of the month, though, I meet with a group of writer friends to discuss our various projects.

Wednesday evening I have therapy, then more writing.

Thursday evening I’m writing again (see a theme?) or I might get together with a friend. Maybe both.

Friday evening, I go home from work and CRASH. I nap for hours, then get up and write, blog, work through my to-do list, maybe get a massage. Sometimes I’ll go to an event like a play or musical or art show, but generally, I want to be A-L-O-N-E on Friday nights. (I’m such a wild one, eh?)

Saturday I sleep in, hang out with friends, take a nap, and stay up late writing.

Sunday I try to get more writing in, try to nap, and then lament the end of the weekend.

I try to pack all “events” into either Saturday or Sunday so that at least one day of the weekend is entirely reserved for writing.

As you can see, I’m writing almost every day. I typically only do one or two things with friends each week, though it varies. I’m so, so, so blessed to have friends who don’t take my writing time as a slight to them but who support me immeasurably. When I’m with my friends, I try to truly be with my friends, not in my imagination, working on my novel in my head. Having such an understanding circle of best friends is one of the greatest blessings of my life. (Thank you, peeps. I could never express just how much I appreciate you.)

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