Dear Diary: November 2014

DD nov 2014I can’t decide if November 2014 was the slowest or fastest month of my life. What I do know is that it was an important one: I finally reached a breaking point and made a really, really huge decision … which I’ll tell you about on the blog in the next couple of days. Stay tuned. (I know, I know: so mysterious!)

I celebrated my friend Ashley’s birthday AND the birth of Ashley’s sweet baby girl.

I went to a musical, an art show, and a party celebrating The Scorpio Races (I know you’re jealous). 

I spoke for Northwestern’s chapel about OCD. The students were a perfect, receptive, empathetic, fun audience.

I celebrated the one-year anniversary of my book deal

I spent a week writing in Duluth. Yes, that same beautiful condotel that I always go to. So perfect. (Did you know I started my second draft of Truest there, as well as my second-to-last and last drafts? Now it was time to spend time with new characters in that lovely place.)

How was November for you? Please visit my blog again over the next few days to learn what huge decision November pushed me into!



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