The Wonder of YA Fiction

I’m not going to link to Ruth Graham’s article on Slate because it was ridiculous (adults should be embarrassed to read YA fiction … give me a break).

Nor am I going to add to the multitude of (quite excellent) rebuttals.

I just wanted to say why I love reading and writing quality young adult literature.

miskoIt’s because of the wonder.  The stories are so exploratory, so youthful, so for-the-first-time. There’s discovery, deep thought, processing, amazement.  I love the awe, the fascination, and even the acuteness of the pain. (As Cat Stevens would remind us, The first cut is the deepest.)

Don’t think I’m implying that adult literature doesn’t or can’t have these things too. My only point is that they’re pretty inherent in YA, and I love that about it.


Image credit: Misko, cropped by me

2 thoughts on “The Wonder of YA Fiction

  1. Wonder. Yes, that’s a good reason to enjoy just about any great literature, including YA. You know, if it were produced today I suspect “To Kill a Mockingbird” (possibly the greatest American novel ever) would be classified YA.

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